Beetroot & mint dip

A simple dip which is easy to prepare and incredibly refreshing on hot summer days. The vibrant purple colour always evokes a ‘love or hate’ response in the friends I have served this to. Good luck!


Large beetroots x2

Butter beans (1/2 tin)

Large handful of fresh mint

Lemon juice (1/2  lemon)

Balsamic vinegar 2x tablespoons

Creme fraiche x2 tablespoons



Cook and peel the beetroot, being careful not to stain your hands, the work surface, everything that the beetroot comes into contact with. I would recommend wearing gloves if you have them. If not,  I have managed with a large amount of cling film and rolling the skin off with my hands, using the cling film for protection.

Add all of the ingredients, with the exception of the creme fraiche, into a blender and blend until nearly smooth (I prefer a slight texture to the dip). Serve in a bowl and add the creme fraiche and swirl through.

Perfect with toasted pitta.

Categories: Dip, Savoury