About me

Mummy and I

Mummy and I

 Why do I cook?

For me, cooking comes as easy a breathing. That’s not to say that everything I create is spot on, or quite as intended, but more a case that for me ‘not-cooking’ would be impossible. I love to eat food, I like to know what’s in my food and more than anything, I love to cook and share with the people I love.


Who can I thank?

My earliest memories are of watching my grand mother making blackberry jelly in the early autumn, meticulously straining through muslin, careful not to squeeze the bag.

My parents owned and ran a health food shop during my younger years. My memories of this period are sucking on liquorice sticks, delivering organic veg to local businesses, and enjoying (ethically sourced) meat as a weekly treat.

Sitting on the kitchen work top and watching my mother cook was the best lesson of all. From a young age I seemed to absorb her talent through osmosis rather than through a conscious desire to learn.

To her, I owe my passion.